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Peeled All About Nissan X-Trail Cars

PT Nissan Motor launched the Nissan X-Trail Cars in August 2014 with the launch and the inaugural event of the Nissan X-Trail which was held very luxuriously in The Space Senayan City. Nissan X-Trail international version itself has been launched into the market in 2013 ago in the event of 2013 Motorshow Frankurt, following the

5 Best Suves Car Based Machines, Performance And Market

Adult It Along With The Number Of Car-Cars Production With Various Types Of The Various Also Types Of Cars That Are Marketed In Indonesia. And Of The Many Types Of Cars There Is One Type Of Cars That Are Now Being Idol Many People In Indonesia, Namely Car Type Suv. This Suv Car Is A


Here is a trick that can be used for driving or driving a car on the ramp. Many beginners are asking the driver how to drive on the ramp as a way stop on the ramp. When driving on the uphill road will be different when driving on a flat road, especially once if circumstances or the

Mitsubishi Introduces Small newest MPV, this Wujudnya!

Missed own curiosity will be a tangible manifestation of small MPV made by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC). Launching globally and the announcement of the name of Next Generation MPV product will be announced at the event Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) in 2017 to 25 to be held in ICE BSD – South Tangerang on

Applicable Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Assembly Tricks

Having a problem while installing your hitch mount cargo carrier? No, it is not because the installation takes special skills. You only need to learn several tricks to make sure the hitch carrier has been installed correctly. Moreover, the applied tips below might help you not to get hurt while loading the luggage. Tightening the

Rarely Used Cars, Keep Engine Conditions in 4 Ways

Companions must have experienced things like this, have a car but rarely used and more silenced in the garage. This is usually because lazy companions bring the vehicle while working on the grounds of avoiding jams or because often left the city out of service in a long time. However, if rarely use the car