Home Design And Feng Shui: Things To Consider

Placing the buildings and plots, making the house’s orientation, planning the gardens and in the end locating the decor will make us think about how to make it flow the energy throughout the house and give a good feeling for people who live in it. This home design and feng shui will, more or less, talk about it. It is possibly good for us to consider some Feng Shui tenets while applying the design, decor, and the alignment of our house. The Feng Shui adaptation though our house can make a certain building framework design, it can affect the decor, interiors, furnishing and also other aspects on the element designs for every rooms.

Feng Shui can be simply applied by having the exact level of the plot, the proper layout of the room, the space allocation, and also the background setting. Let’s start talking about the home design and feng shui basic understanding. First of all is about allocating the space and rooms to the exact sectors. Have a knowledge about compass directions and magnetic fields of this matter. You have to get the axis of your plot then locate the cardinal magnet directions. This way Feng Shui tenets is easier to be applied in your home ideas and garden.

Now let’s go to the parts of the house in this home design and feng shui. The main door; it has to be the most large door in your house. It must not open until the kitchen area. The position of this main door is very critical but it can also vary based on the axis and direction of your house’s plot. Then the kitchen; this room is responsible to our vitality and health. It is a vital place to keep the overall harmony on the house. Next is the bedroom of the master, the most important room of the house. This room should be good enough to make people sleep inside have a quality sleep time, not the length but the quality. So, got some new information don’t you?


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