How to Update HP Printer Drivers

How to Update HP Printer Drivers

Driver updates can allow you to make best use of your HP printer by simply enhancing its efficiency and print quality and on the flip side fixing the majority of the typical problems that may occur on account of the irregular or regular usage.

Although the process of driver upgrade is straightforward, you might encounter issues which could trigger the requirement of searching for HP help choices. The aforementioned guide can allow you to do the process by yourself and without the aid of HP support.


Switch in your computer (in case it isn’t already) and start your internet browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer etc.. Proceed to HP’s official site ( and then navigate to the Support & Drivers segment (on the cover of the display).

Put in your item’s title or number just like LaserJet 1100 from the sterile field and then click on the Search button. It’ll display a listing of all of the HP products. Select your product by clicking on its link and then you’ll notice the graphic\text directions to find the item title or number.

After you’ve discovered the title or number, return to the Support & Drivers segment and type it at the desired box. Hit the Search button and it’ll display the various variations of that specific item. One of them may be selected as desired. The variations will likely be displayed if you did not enter the whole model number of your merchandise. Take the instance of LaserJet 1100. If you entered just LaserJet 1100 from the Search box, then it is going to show the collection of all of its variants including XI, SE etc..

When completed, you’ll be directed to a different page. Create the language choice by clicking on the dropdown menu under select your software/driver language. Select your own Windows operating system (OS) by simply clicking on the desired link under the going Select Operating System.

Beneath the heading Useful hyperlinks, you can click to look at one or more one of these optional hyperlinks viz.

The next link will instruct you in downloading and selecting right, compatible drivers for your device. The next link will go over what exactly are permit and terms & conditions for various kinds of consumers. Should youn’t need to experience all those links, then jump the Useful Links section.

You may see two connections viz. Programs and Driver below Quick jump to downloads by class below the language choice. Should youn’t need to download any program on your printer, then jump to the Driver department. Click on the Download button beside each driver and begin downloading.

Once prompted, click on the Save button to store the document. Navigate to the place and start the document to initiate the installation. Follow directions and finish the process. When prompted, reboot your pc to save the modifications. If you’ve got more driver downloads to proceed, repeat the above mentioned process.

If you experience problems like unfinished print files or slow printing etc., you may not have set up a proper, compatible driver for the printer. To eliminate the issue, it is possible to conduct an internet diagnostic test utilizing the HP Printer Assess Tool. Go to HP Business Service Center and navigate to this Self help tools join and then the automated driver checker department to start checking. The online tool will then assess whether you’re using a harmonious, printer driver that is correct. In any case, it is going to recommend you upgrading driver when you have not already completed. Additionally, it will inform your present drivers are upgraded or not.

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