The Concept of Minimalist Office Design 2017

Office is a place to do business activities. Of course, office design is made to accommodate the workplace and contains artistic value to feel at home working in it. In addition, office design should also make focus and become disciplined. Minimalist office design is an option that can be used to create an office. The most important thing to consider in designing office space is interior design.

Minimalist office design makes the impression of the office to be spacious and comfortable. If the model office is only one building, then the main interior arrangement is at the entrance of the office. The entrance is placed in the most comfortable position for people to pass. Besides the minimalist concept makes you do not need to give a lot of interior decoration on the door. All you have to remember is to place a desk and chairs for guests to receive. In addition, the presence of ornamental plants will certainly add to the beautiful room.Minimalist office 2017

Minimalist office design is also not separated from the interior design. Minimalist interior design, especially for furniture and adjusted dnegan room conditions. Furniture should be fused with neutral colors used for interior office space. Lighting is also very important to note. To create a more lively atmosphere you should use color experimentation for example by using a bright color in the corner of the room.

Minimalist office design in open design will give a modern impression with the use of modern colors. Color palettes are helpful in determining the type of neutral colors suitable for use in the office. Minimalist office design using neutral colors will make it comfortable to work and focus. In addition, should interior office in accordance with the character and personal taste to be more comfortable in the office.

Minimalist office design that can show the characteristics of the office or represent the vision of the business or character in it should make the occupants in it can run all office regulations. Should meet the representative office standards, it is appropriate that an office has a living room, director room, work space, receptionist, meeting room, refreshment room, toilet and pantry.


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