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Published On June 6, 2018 | By penulis | FURNITURES

DIY desk – Plywood is a cheap option for building a home-made desk unit. Because plywood comes in sheets, plywood-built desktops are often stocked with storage devices on the side that can hold the computer tower and paper bins. Building a plywood desk not only gives you a durable and strong storage solution, but this also gives you a heavy desktop that holds heavier computer monitors, computer accessories and paper filing boxes for easy access.

Awesome DIY Desk

Awesome DIY Desk


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Take three plywood discs to create a page of DIY desk support. Draw two identical side pieces that measure 23 by 28 inches with pen on two plywood boards. Draw a bottom piece measuring 23 by 14 inches. Use the square ruler to check the angles are an empty 90 degrees. Use the table to eject the three for single bass. Use sandpaper to grind plywood edges.

Place the DIY desk pieces in a U-shape so that the side pieces are placed parallel to each other. The third piece must enter between the side pieces, so the sides overlap the ends of the third bit in the U-shape. Squeeze the corners together and fasten them with hammer and nail so that you have a secure U-shape. Repeat steps 1 through 3 to create an identical U-shape structure, so you have two. Place the remaining piece of plywood on a flat surface to create the top of the table. Use the tape measure, square ruler and pen to make a 60-by-23-inch tabletop. Cut using the table saw. Sandpaper edges.

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